Monday, November 12, 2012

Makeup Trial to Wedding Day: Will the Makeup Translate the Way I Expect It To?

by Meredith Hayman

Here are a few good examples of how the makeup looked at the trial and through a photographers lens on the big day. Notice how the makeup looks more faded in the natural light and with the correct camera settings. If you are concerned that the makeup looks a bit too bright or dramatic at the trial, rest assured the same makeup will look picture perfect on your wedding day.

Arielle Photo

Stripling Photography

Vanessa Joy Photography

Friday, November 9, 2012

November Color Obsession: Chocolate

by Meredith Hayman

Let’s face it, nothing is better than chocolate. Not only is it delicious, the color is creamy, rich, and flattering all at the same time. Why not incorporate this neutral into your wedding décor – pair it with white for a dramatic look or with peach or gold for a romantic vibe.

Chocolate cosmos are a beautiful and modern choice for a bouquet. 

This groom looks polished in chocolate but not too formal.

I love this table setting, it’s rustic yet fancy!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Please Advise: Bachelor Party Woes

by Courtney Kamna

"My fiancé has been friends with his groomsmen since he was eight years old. I love them dearly and we get along really well, but I’ve heard rumors about the bachelor party they’re planning to throw—rumors that include both strippers and illegal drugs. How do I let everyone involved know that I think it’s disrespectful and unacceptable without causing a big rift?"

I can totally understand where you are coming from and being concerned, especially about the drugs.

Unfortunately, if you don’t want to start a rift, there is nothing you can do except trust that your fiancé will behave himself and come home in one piece. I assume since you are marrying him, you have established a trusting relationship. How would you feel if you were going out with your friends, doing something your fiancé perceived as “unacceptable” and he made it known to everyone that he felt this way?

I’d speak to your fiancé about it privately if you absolutely feel you need to, but be very careful of the language you use. I would not tell him it’s unacceptable, that word will just evoke a fight. Be honest with him and explain how you feel, but be specific. Why are you so upset about the strippers or the drugs – tell him why and how it makes you feel. But be prepared for him being upset that you don’t “trust” him or are “babying” him. I would absolutely not approach his friends about it because you run the risk of being “that” girl. He’s already ditching his boys to marry you (men really feel this way) and if you’re going to start “bossing” him and his friends around before you’re officially married, it will cause a lot of resentment.

My husband had strippers at his bachelor party too. At first I was a bit taken aback, but remember it’s his last big night out as a single guy. And don’t forget, those women up there with no clothes on, they do not want some drunk touching them any bit more than you do!

As for the drugs, especially if it’s any major drug, my grandfather used to say “What a drunk man does, he’s thinking about when he’s sober.”  Bottom line: you can’t let them know it’s disrespectful without causing a big rift.  No huge rift.  My advice is to give him something that he wants to come home to - this can be romantic, sexual or ideally, both. Men are visual creatures - so however you handle this situation will be how he remembers you on the bachelor party. Remember that before you "talk" or scold him. 

Since you'll be marrying this guy, you guys should have a way to communicate sticky issues like this. Whenever my husband does something I'm not especially fond of, I always say, "I don't have life insurance out on you yet, so make sure you come home in one piece." We smile at each other, both knowing exactly what I mean.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Love Letter: Marc to Meredith

by Meredith Hayman

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s hard to take a minute to appreciate what a wonderful husband I have. Since today is our 8th wedding anniversary, I wanted to let my amazing hubby, Marc, in on a little secret.

I carry a love letter from you in my wallet. The letter is circa summer ’05 and has been in my wallet since the day I received it. I am so grateful to have found the love of my life. Happy Anniversary babe!

My Dearest Boo-Boo,

Every moment of every day, I realize just how much that I love you. Everywhere I turn there is a reminder of just how wonderful you are, from notes that you have left me to things that I see that trigger memories we have shared. Every time, I am reminded of the fact that I am the luckiest man in the whole world. You are everything that I have ever wanted and I cherish every moment that we spend together. You are my world, my partner, my soul. I am so fortunate to have found such happiness with you and want you to know that I do not take anything for granted. I love you the most; you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I am looking forward to spending the summer with you, including long walks in the nice weather, and lots of cuddle time around the apartment. Each of those moments is what I look forward to every minute of every day. It is what wakes me up in the morning¸ keeps me going through the day, and makes me want to get home to you every night.

You are the most special lady in the whole wide world and I hope that I make you feel that way each and every day. I promise to continue to love, honor, and cherish you every moment of every day.

Thank you for loving me and making me feel so complete. I love you the most.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Great Loves: Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy

by Meredith Hayman

Who can ever forget the scene from The Muppet Movie when Kermit and Piggy are running through the meadow into each other’s arms? It was love-at-first-site for this unlikely pair.  Then there were years of break-ups and make-ups that left their fans always rooting for reconciliation.

Piggy can be a tough cookie but Kermit always brings out her softer side. It may not be easy being green but it sure is easy to love this Classic Hollywood couple.